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so I was won over before play

That preloader was just too fun. I mean, I liked the flash... but I'm going to go back to the preloader now.

Sound lag was the only problem I saw... Is the audio set to stream? Anyway, good job.

magumbo responds:

no i was sure to set it all to start. Idk what was wrong with it. glad you liked the preloader

too bad

Too bad people who hate clocks are gonna miss out on a good flash.

Take it from someone who generally dislikes clock movies, watch it, it is good.

Anyway, nice job, make more!

Good job

Very well done. I think the style is very suitable for the Pepsi brand name and should appeal to a young target audience. I think the music for a final version would have to be better, but I'm sure the final commercial would be able to use some top notch music.

The slogan itself is not the best I've heard. It runs circles around such gems as "Have you had your break today." or "Coke brings your dead relatives back to life." (the direct translation of one of Coke's old slogans into Japanese)

However, the idea that the can you are drinking from was once someone else's does not make me feel like going out and buying a Pepsi. If it were recycled into something else I would think "hey, this is environmentally friendly AND sanitary." Granted that would render your slogan null and void.

I think you should make a few more of these, keeping the style, but perhaps trying different slogans and ideas. Perhaps if you made it obvious that the recycled can was going back to the same guy, it wouldn't seem so weird... or maybe I'm just being picky. I know recycling does not transfer any disease or anything from use to use (heck, water in your sink used to be in a toilet,) but it is not something I would want to associate with a product.

Anyway, good job.

AlmightyHans responds:

haha youve got a great point!

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too bad...

too bad... I wish this was a serious game. Would be nice if you resubmitted it with a score counter/ high score list, and made it difficult by changing where the blams fell. Saving the portal king is just not a challenge when the blammers are so horrible at throwing... blams...

good tutorial

Pretty good. I already know the basics, but what the hey. The only real criticism I have is that you should hide the mouse arrow. It is kind of odd having both the arrow AND your little spinning icon.

Good job.

Jamesbellini responds:

I dont know what you mean - im sure I did mouse.hide in the action script... maybe you've got an old version of flash player or summin?

I liked expert mode

Let me start by saying I liked the expert mode. It was the logical next step, but a good one. I had to check my speakers to see if they were on, though. I couldn't believe a Simon type game would be completely void of sound effects. I even rechecked before writing this review to see if I had missed a sound on/off option... but I guess I'm going to have to assume it has no sound or music at all. Normally, this isn't a big deal, but, Sound aids in the memory aspect of the game. Also, since the arrows fade into and out of the glow, it is a little more difficult to distinguish repeating arrows (this would be no problem at all if the arrows made a sound.)

I liked it though. I would, obviously like to see a version with sound, and perhaps a few new modes... perhaps a completely new type of layout that would make the game even more difficult (like a grid, or triangle layout)

Anyway, thanks for the game.

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