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The Pencil Indecent The Pencil Indecent

Rated 4 / 5 stars

so I was won over before play

That preloader was just too fun. I mean, I liked the flash... but I'm going to go back to the preloader now.

Sound lag was the only problem I saw... Is the audio set to stream? Anyway, good job.

magumbo responds:

no i was sure to set it all to start. Idk what was wrong with it. glad you liked the preloader

Battle for the Skyway Battle for the Skyway

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

too bad

Too bad people who hate clocks are gonna miss out on a good flash.

Take it from someone who generally dislikes clock movies, watch it, it is good.

Anyway, nice job, make more!

Pepsi Commercial Pepsi Commercial

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good job

Very well done. I think the style is very suitable for the Pepsi brand name and should appeal to a young target audience. I think the music for a final version would have to be better, but I'm sure the final commercial would be able to use some top notch music.

The slogan itself is not the best I've heard. It runs circles around such gems as "Have you had your break today." or "Coke brings your dead relatives back to life." (the direct translation of one of Coke's old slogans into Japanese)

However, the idea that the can you are drinking from was once someone else's does not make me feel like going out and buying a Pepsi. If it were recycled into something else I would think "hey, this is environmentally friendly AND sanitary." Granted that would render your slogan null and void.

I think you should make a few more of these, keeping the style, but perhaps trying different slogans and ideas. Perhaps if you made it obvious that the recycled can was going back to the same guy, it wouldn't seem so weird... or maybe I'm just being picky. I know recycling does not transfer any disease or anything from use to use (heck, water in your sink used to be in a toilet,) but it is not something I would want to associate with a product.

Anyway, good job.

AlmightyHans responds:

haha youve got a great point!

Mini Cheddar Clock Prt 1 Mini Cheddar Clock Prt 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good job

I liked it. I'm not a big fan of C/Lock flashes, but this was pretty good. The only real criticism I have is that some of the subtitles are difficult to read. If you added a black bar at the bottom it would help distinguish the text from the background.

Keep going :)

RollOnClock responds:

will do... i just wanted to be able to see what was underneath (truthfully i dont lke locks either...but clocks are ok


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Waste of time

The only good thing about it is that you're waste time you could be spending turning out more of these on responding to almost every review. (granted I respond to all of mine, but these get a lot of angry reviews to respond to!)

I feel sorry for whoever made the original animation. Please go back to doing good flashes. After my last review I looked at some of your old stuff and was rather impressed. I wouldn't even mind if you tossed this in at the END of a good flash, just as long as there is some content to it.

your turn

GoldenClock responds:

Well, to give you more faith in my works, I already have a planned idea for something that will be recognizeably a great piece of Newgrounds flash. However, the extravagence of it might make it near impossible for me to make it what I want it.

I will try my best. I'm only doing this to pass the time in a fun way.

My New Flash Movie My New Flash Movie

Rated 4 / 5 stars

simple, good, fun

I liked it. The flash was funny because it didn't take the medium too seriously. The recording quality was a little poor, but I think the bored sounding voice acting itself really helped the humor.

Nice job.

Bushido Bushido

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice Job

Don't let my screen name name fool you.

Good job, I liked the style. The switching between the fight and the Bushido code is a nice way to keep the flash informative AND interesting.

The music is a bit off... might be because the length of the music isn't long enough for the flash, or that it needs to be set to stream audio... easily fixed.

Thanks for the flash :) would've liked to see that movie.

Metal gear solid:STS2 p2 Metal gear solid:STS2 p2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice Job

Of course it is always difficult to give a fair review when you like the game a flash is based on, but who cares! It's damn Metal Gear, damnit! That being said, I think the flash has plenty of merits on its own, so it would be cool to see some flasehes that are based on something else... just as long as you keep the box... oh, and Solid Snake... and toss in more Liquid... never mind, just make more!

Thanks for the flash ^_^

Daft Punk Digital Love Daft Punk Digital Love

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good

I liked it. I liked the overall story, the pace seemed a bit slow, but not bad.

I don't mind the DDR, but it is the only part of the video that I thought could have used more precise tweening. Just make a keyframe for each possible step (a seperate one for each body part) and let flash do the work.

I would like to clarify what another reviewer said about your use of a video montage. Although a montage depicts a long period of time in a relatively short period (as you correctly pointed out,) your particular video seems to depict a somewhat long period of time in only a slightly shorter period. The result looks more like stop motion footage, or video with a really slow frame rate, (like that which you would see in a bad security camera.) To convey what people typically consider to be a montage, allow more distinct actions between each clip. In other words, if the figure is walking back and forth, animate that normally, and then skip to the next clip where he is leaning against the wall. not a jerky frame every second walk cycle.

Now that that windy explanation is done. Nice work, keep going.

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PeelyPipe responds:

Wow, this is probably the best review I have gotten in a long while. You're right about the tweening for the DDR thing, and your definition of montage is one of the accepted definitions. This was my first tweened work; my future projects will look much better (especially after I get my Wacom tablet.....drools....) I wish more members of NGs would conduct themselves like you do. Thanks for the review!

Here Comes The Sun Here Comes The Sun

Rated 4 / 5 stars

not bad

Not bad. Due to the song's mellow nature (not in itself a bad thing at all) The accompanying visuals were forced into a relatively slow pace. This would make a good flash e-card or something like that, but it may not hold up to those who think of music videos as rapid cutting and action based to drum beats etc.

I think the mouth poping up on the sun seems a little odd... if we could see a line indicating that it has a mouth when it isn't singing, it might look better. I think the style fits the music very well!

Kuro responds:

Thanks very much for your criticism, I'm very much obliged